Supplementary Information for

Lange J, Noordam MJ, van Daalen SK, Skaletsky H, Clark BA, Macville MV, Page DC, Repping S.

Intrachromosomal homologous recombination between inverted repeat amplicons on opposing Y-chromosome arms. Genomics 102, 257 (2013)



  • Table S1     Y-chromosome sequence coordinates of IR1 and IR4 amplicons in Genome Reference. Consortium Human Build 37 (GRCh37).
  • Table S2     STSs used to localize breakpoints in two cases with pseudoisoYp chromosomes.
  • Table S3     Results of testing, by FISH, the copy numbers of green, red, and yellow amplicons in AMC1574.
  • Table S4     Y chromosome gene content of two pseudoisoYp chromosomes.