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Steve Rozen, Helen Skaletsky, Janet D. Marszalek, Patrick J. Minx, Holland S. Cordum, Robert H. Waterston, Richard K. Wilson, & David C. Page

Abundant gene conversion between arms of palindromes in human and ape Y chromosomes

Nature 423, 873-876 (2003)

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Sequence alignments for palindrome boundaries, Supplementary Notes 1-2, and Supplementary Tables 1-5 as an MS Word document

Supplementary Tables 6-8 in an Excel workbook

Long sequence alignments (chimpanzee BAC sequence to human MSY sequence)
Each file contains a single Clustal W sequence alignment. Within the files, Hsa = human, Ptr = chimpanzee.
   Palindrome P1 (and P2) P1 spacer
P1 arms, 5' (inner) portion
P1 arms, L1
P1 arms, 3' (outer) portion
   Palindrome P6 P6 spacer
P6 arms, short alignment
P6 arms, long alignment
   Palindrome P7 P7 spacer
P7 arms
   Non-palindromic, non-ampliconic sequence Non-palindrome sequence, flank 1 of P7
Non-palindrome sequence, flank 2 of P7
Non-palindrome sequence from RP43-12I19