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Wang H, Hu YC, Markoulaki S, Welstead GG, Cheng AW, Shivalila CS, Pyntikova T, Dadon DB, Voytas DF, Bogdanove AJ, Page DC, Jaenisch R.

TALEN-mediated editing of the mouse Y chromosome. Nature Biotechnology 31, 530 (2013)



  • Table S1     TALEN recognition sequences and the amino acid identity of the repeat variable di-residues (RVDs) in the corresponding TALENs
  • Table S2     The distributions of genotypes and anatomic sexual phenotypes in progeny from six litters
  • Table S3     List of top 15 potential off-targets of Sry TALEN pair 2
  • Table S4     The distributions of genotypes in progeny from mating of XYUty(tm1) male withXXUtx(tm)female mice


  • Supplementary Materials and Methods