Supplementary Note 5: NORF arrays

There are five NORF arrays in the MSY.  These include two very similar
blocks, 124 and 114 kb in length, embedded in the IR3 inverted repeats
on Yp (Fig. 2); the more distal of these NORF blocks is highlighted in
Supplementary Fig. 7b.  The largest NORF block, 251 kb in length, is
located between the IR3 repeats on Yp (Fig. 2) and is highlighted in
Supplementary Fig. 7c.  These NORF arrays on Yp are interrupted periodically
by interspersed repeats such as Alu and LINE-1 elements, accounting for
the "white" stripes that crisscross the triangles of blue dots in
Supplementary Figs. 7b,c.  Finally, there are two nearly identical NORF
arrays, each 66 kb in length, in the arms of palindrome P3, on Yq; these
very regular arrays are highlighted in Supplementary Fig. 7k.